Saturday, August 31, 2013

Derek's 8th letter from the MTC

Dear MOM,                                                                         Aug 31, 2013

I got my packages!  And I loved them!  I really like the shoes!! They are so nice.  I'm not sure if we need anything.  But thank you!  Oh by the way you will never find all my sock! I promise! HA HA

I would love to see the quilts that you have been working on Mom.  It is hard to charge people, but if you were working for a company outside the home; you would want to be paid for what you are worth.  What is the Easy Street Quilting?

I hope your back gets better soon.  It is probably pretty painful!  Hey I'm having some back pain too!  Maybe you just transfered it to me! HA HA

Tell Steph I want pictures and that I love the name!

So Mom do you want to have a race reading the Book of Mormon?  Where are you at?

I'm sorry about answering the question and not making complete sentences.  I forget that you don't have a copy of your letter in front of you.  I'm trying to write fast.

Thank you for your example.  I do love the Lord.  I know He loves each of us on a personal level.

Love your son,
Elder Fletcher

Dear Dad,

I'm glad Weber won.  I guess we were just a very prideful team. Today I heard Utes were playing, but no one knew the score.  Ok I want a picture of the paper cut out! Did you drop cable?

BYU?  Who do they play?  What'sthe starting line up? You have togive me updates. Ok so we climbed the walls and took flying pictures. I'll send them home Monday!

Well ok I got to go it's lights out.

Sorry there isn't a family letter I've been really busy.  I'll write a good email.

Your Son,
Elder Fletcher