Sunday, August 18, 2013

4th letter from the MTC

Ni hao family,

I continue to be humbled. I have decided that just like the scripture says, I am nothing without Jesus.  The only reason I am picking up Chinese is I place my faith in Christ.  As I get to know my Savior more, the language becomes easier.  This is truly the gift of tongues at work.

Here are the additional responsibilities for being a district leader: Get the mail, direct all meetings for the district, go to and report at branch meetings, set goals as a district, interview senior companions, and bear testimony on things the district needs to work on.  So basically, keep everyone in line and my senior companion keeps me in line.

Today, Richard G Scott came and talked to us.  He blessed us that as we struggle and strive to learn the foreign languages, we will be able to qualify for the gift of tongues. This really helps me!

Right now, Elder Clarkson, Elder Baer and Elder Simmions are discussing pre-mortal life.  Love this place!  Bye for now, time to study.

 Zai Jian,
Elder Fletcher

PS.  I am excited to get my package.

PSS.  I got grandma’s email, but I gave the rest of my time to Elder Simmions because he accidentally left his account on and ran out of time.  Oops, sorry!