Monday, August 12, 2013

2nd letter from MTC

Day 3
Well hey there family! How is it going? I’m doing fine.  Today I learned that an eye single to the glory of God means that you are determined to do what’s right even if you can’t think of how to.
Well today Elder Baer and I taught our first lesson to Leo.  I basically hit a brick wall, over and over throughout the discussion until Elder Baer hit one.  I was able to jump in and help Leo come unto Christ.  Leo asked, “How do I pray?”  Elder Baer struggled to find the words, but I had a feeling to show him how to with the Book of Mormon.  Even though I was struggling explaining it, he knew what I meant and was able to say a prayer.  Elder Baer is a very smart guy and I am so lucky to have him as my companion.  He knows the language a lot from before his mission.
Well like I said in the last letter, I was made district leader.  I am grateful for this opportunity because I don’t know the language and I am struggling with it.  I feel that God is blessing me with the language through this calling as I help my district become the best.
Elder D Fletcher
My leave date is October 8th.