Monday, August 12, 2013

3rd Letter from the MTC

Dear family,

I wrote you some letters I hope you got them!  Hey can you send me some stamps and some real mountain dew in a package??

Well, a really cool experience I had yesterday; is we were watching the Testaments in Chinese and I was able to pick out most of what was going on.  I think that is the movie Lindsay Farr was in?  You should find out! 

For P-day today we went to the temple.  Cool experience!  Well I mostly just do push ups and sit ups and stuff.  My comp is a great guy and is extremely smart but not all that athletic.  Yeah actually I think I am starting to get the hang of it.  I found these cool flash card things on a ring in the book store.  I have been doing tons of flash cards,  I have made probably close to 500 so far and going over them as much as I can.  I carry them everywhere and if I have a free moment I do my best to study them.  I actually just read that scripture that you told me this morning when I was doing personal study.  I have it marked and it really helped me.  I got your email about the suit case.  My comp and I went and talked to the travel office and they said as it gets closer they will let us know what we need to do!  Yeah we were talking about how you found Elder Baer’s blog on the internet, I think his parents looked me up too. I have Elder Murray, Elder Clarkson, Elder Simmions, and Elder Baer, also the sisters Sister White, Sister George, Sister Robertson (no relation to Janessa) 5 Elders and 3 sisters.  We lost an elder and a sister because they were too advanced for our Chinese!  Elder Baer and I are going to XinJiaPo, Elder Clarkson to Riverside California, Elder Simmions to the Arcadia California mission and the sisters are going to Tiawan!  The branch president and zone leaders have nothing but glowing complements about our district.  As district leader I find so much joy in letting everyone participate and help out.  It really brings the spirit into our class and helps us all learn better. Mandarin humbles me by showing me that I know nothing and that the only way I am learning this is through Shen (God)! Sorry I am running out of time before dinner and I still have a lesson to plan for Leo, my first investigator. I will write you a letter this week to answer the rest of your questions!  I am attaching pictures of everyone and just funny things ill try and caption them!  I can't access drop box!


Elder Fletcher