Monday, August 26, 2013

Derek's 6th letter from the MTC

Hi! Family!                                                                        Aug 26, 2013

OK i looked up the hymn #270 like you asked Abbi.  But I looked it up in Chinese; I don't have an English hymn book, it sounds good in Chinese!
Well that's good to hear about Brandon's and Minroy's farewell.  I don't exactly know if I'll see him.  I have some other friends here that are going Asia and I don't see any of them except when I go to the store.
Brandon is a very calm guy on the outside... but he is crazy on the inside!  He might see me if they broadcast the devotional next week! Like they are this week! I sing in the choir!
So Abbi got into Med Term and Jamie is her teacher.  She is good.  Abbi will like her.  Long Lao3 Shi1 ha ha did she say it with the right tones? If she doesn't she could be calling her something bad! ha ha
That was cool you got to see the 3 guys.  I haven't heard from the other 2.  I miss them.
That is funny about the food.  Yes it would be gone if it was here.  I think I have gained like 10 lbs.  My district says send the cheese here!  But it might be gross!
You guys are weird about looking for all the blogs, but i love you!  No, none of them have one.  Oh Elder Murray is now the district leader.  We switch every 3 weeks.  No more stress! Oh ya we have a blast!
OK so Saturday, well lets see... well OK.  We start the morning with TRC uh... ya so basically returned missionaries and members and investigators come and volunteer to have messages shared with them.  Because no investigators here speak Chinese, we usually get members or returned missionaries.  This time they had a Chinese investigator and our teacher picked us to teach her.  I have no idea why but it was super hard, because she had a mainland dialect.  We are speaking a Taiwan and Singapore dialect.  So we had problems understanding, but our teacher said she had been taking the discussions for 3 months so we were OK.  Then when we were talking to her she said that this was her first time talking to missionaries at the MTC... well we were terrified.  After the pray it was as if our Chinese ability didn't matter, and we taught her that she should pray and ask Shen for guidance before she reads the BOM every night!  We committed Zhai to a date next month to be baptized!  That was my Saturday

Sunday, we had the opportunity to bear our testimonies in Chinese to some sisters again.  Basically my 3 weeks are up so I'm no longer the District Leader! I feel relieved!  Now I can focus on learning the language a little more!  You guys need to watch the movie Legacy again.  I love that movie!  We watched it on Sunday!  Here are some quotes from the devotional and the movie!
"Serve your mission in a way that when your 2 years are up Heavenly Father will say "Well done my good and faithful servant""
"The days are long but the weeks are fast in missionary work"
"Lets help God keep his promises."
So today I went to the temple this morning and now I'm writing letters and shining shoes!  I enjoy it a lot.  We are having quite a relaxing p-day I have some pictures I'll send from this week!
Elder Fletcher