Sunday, August 11, 2013

First Letter from MTC recieved 8/10/13

Dear Family,                                                                                       Day 1

I am alive and well.  I’m not able to get on email until Monday, which is my p-day.  So, I have some pictures that I can send you then. 
Today we learned that you need to teach the person and really put yourself in their shoes to understand them. (In) my first experience in the MTC, I was shoved into a room where everyone was speaking Chinese and I had to learn super quick! 
Well it looks like I (am) taking one suit case. 
My companion is Elder Baer or Xiong Zhang Lao.  He is from Providence, UT.  He is a marching band guy.  We get along really well. 
I don’t know what to write in these thing so good bye for now.  The church is true!

Elder Fletcher
Qui Zhang Lao

Dear Family,                                                                           Day 1-1/2

Well we as a district have decided to read one verse each of the Book of Mormon in Chinese (Shawn “he explain this later on”). It’s kind of crazy!  This language has a very humbling spirit about it.  The Mandarin speakers are the best of the best, but we can’t let it go to our heads, because others look up to us. The words people use are “we have to have a culture of righteousness about us or we won’t succeed and the language will slap us in the face”.
I am really feeling the spirit in everything we do here.  I mean everyone in my room is writing and saying prayers.  Well, its 11:20, way past lights out, but I will send this off tomorrow.

Day 2
Wow this day has flown by.  I really can’t believe it.  Well to make a long story short, I have been overwhelmed with this language.  My district is really trying hard to do our best!  Every night we have a district prayer and we each read a verse in Chinese out of the Book of Mormon.  Everyone in my district is a lot better then I am at Chinese.  I really am having a hard time.  I don’t know what to do.  I can’t figure this out.  I am praying every second for help and I just don’t get it. Then today when I thought I was starting to get the hang of it, I got slapped in the face.  This language has brought me to my knees more than once and I have only been here 2 days.

Well today it was interview day and I was nervous beyond belief.  President Dunn shared a scripture with me in D&C; it talked about angels round about us.  This gave me comfort even though it felt like it took place a long time ago.

Well, I can’t take too long I plan on mailing this tomorrow.  The Lord saw fit to bless me with more responsibility even though I feel like I am falling behind in Chinese.  Don’t get me wrong I am blessed and thankful to be speaking this wonderful language.  I have been blessed in being the district leader. My companion told me that if I take this responsibility seriously, the lord will help me with my Chinese.  I am grateful for this opportunity!  I pray for all of you.  I was able to speak my first prayer in Chinese today so maybe it is already helping.  Well, I got to go but I got mom’s Dear Elder. Thank you I am doing fine I hope you guys are doing OK as well. 

On to day 3.
Derek Fletcher
Qiu Zhang Lao