Saturday, August 24, 2013

5th Letter from the MTC

Dear Family,                                                                           Aug 21, 2013

This week has been a little crazy.  Every day I write 100 flashcards that I must memorize by the next day.  The next day I write 100 more that I can work on throughout that day.  I do my best.  I know when there is something besides myself working on this.  I feel very strongly that I have something helping me.

For the first time ever I feel that I have Grandpa with me.  He is helping me.  I know that I set my goals high.  But I always have.  Here they are:  S.Y.L. every day, all words in orange book (2500), read all the Book of Mormon in Chinese, First Vision memorized in Chinese, My purpose as a missionary, and D & C 4 memorized in Chinese.

I will always leave behind something when I leave. I choose not to think about that, but rather I hold this statement in my mind “It’s not what I will get from my mission, but rather what can I give?”  This mission is not mine it is the Lord’s and I’m just a tool which He can work through.

Thank you so much for those tips.  They really helped.  So I know the Lord has helped me through another person whose name is Bi lao shi or Jeffery Peterson. He just got back from his mission and is a teacher.  He is a lot like me in the aspects of not really knowing Chinese very well when he entered the MTC.  He has really helped me learn.

I saw Grandma’s email when I only had 4 minutes left to email.

I want to share something with you in Chinese:

        Wŏ zhí dáo Yēsū Jí dū shì zhū Juē,  Tá sí wéi wó cóng zuí tā,
        dē Jíu wŏ men,  wŏ xíangxìn Tiánfu aí wŏ men,
        Tā yáo wŏ men heí dào,  Shēn biān Yēsū Jí dū shì Shén de,
        érzi.  Wŏ aí Tiánfu.  Wŏ yáo,  gén suí Jìemìng.

 That is my testimony.  Basically grammar is totally different in Chinese.  So good luck in translating it you will need the gift of tongues!

Love you,
Elder Fletcher

PS.  Thank you for the care package.  If anyone has mission stories or MTC stories I would love to hear them.