Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The MTC drop off day

These are the things we did the day Derek was to report to the MTC .  We left North Ogden around 8:30 and drove down to Provo.  It was a lot of fun to just be together as a family.  We went to the Provo temple and took pictures.

Provo Temple
Derek "I'm Ready"
Dad, Derek and Mom

Elysa, Spencer, Shawn, Derek, Shar, Abbigail

Then it was off to The Brick Oven for lunch.  The food was really good.  The waiter and waitress were going around asking about what missions they were going to.  Derek even had a Sister start to flirt with him.  That was funny. 

We went back and sat on the grass across the street from the MTC.  We watched other missionaries and families.  There was such wonderful excitement around there.  People waved to us.  Those that would walk by would ask Derek where he was going. 

Then one o'clock came, so we walk over to the car and everyone said good-bye.  Hugs to his sisters and new brother-in-law.

Derek and Abbi

Derek and Elysa

Derek and Dad

Derek and Mom
We climbed in.  As we started to cross the the street and motor home turned in to drop off a missionary.  Talk about only being able to bring in one car.  HA! HA!  No They just probably took a family trip across the country to drop their missionary off.  We just got a good laugh. 

The church has this system down great. We pulled up the host opened my door, and Derek's.  Derek, Shawn and I got out.  Shawn got the luggage.  I gave Derek a hug.  He hugged Shawn.  The host grabbed Derek's suitcases and the two of them walked up the hill. 

I only cried a little I promise.  But not until we were pulling away. I know that Derek is in the most wonderful place he could be.  He is serving our Heavenly Father.  This has been his dream since he was a little boy.  He is in the Lord's hands and will be guided.  I love my son.  He is very amazing and the spirit is with him.  I hope you enjoy following his blog over the next two years.

I am wearing my Great Grandfather Warner's shoes.  They are still in great condition and I'm excited to be walking in his example.