Monday, September 2, 2013

9th letter from the MTC?

Dear Family,

I thought I might get a head start on my letter now, even though it is only Wed.  This past week was my last week as District Leader, and I am grateful!  It really was an honor to serve but it was really hard.

 I really have started to focus more on my pronunciation of words and the tone I say it in.  SYL (Speak Your Language) is really cool because to helps you run your sentences together.

Monday - P-Day
Wake up, Study Book of Mormon 1 Nephi Chapter 1 and Genesis Chapter 1-5, - which was good.  Then I went to breakfast, then the temple.  I then came back and printed off emails and wrote responses.  Well, then came the good part.  I was able to take a NAP!! We came across a little extra time and we were able to take a 10 minute nap.  After the nap, we went and did laundry.  While our clothes were washing we went to the computer and emailed.  We switched out clothes to the dryer and went back to the computer room to finish our emails.

So, what is going on at home?

After emailing we prepared to teach Zhai Dixiong.  He is a 31 year old that works as security guard at a pub.  We taught him about God, Family, Prayer and Christ!  We set up to teach him again on Wednesday.  After that we just studied then went to bed.

Well we played some wicked volleyball.  It was a blast! That’s all I remember really.

I don’t remember a whole lot except that we taught Zhai Dixiong and after the lesson Elder Baer and I thought that we missed something.  So, on Saturday we are planning on teaching him the Plan of Salvation and reviewing the first lesson.  We didn’t commit him to be baptized.

We met with Zhai Dixiong, today his friend introduced him to the church.  Well he is a pretty awkward guy.  Elder Baer and I feel that we shouldn’t rush this guy, because if we push him he might just run.  He is 20.  After the lesson, we went and played volleyball.  That is all I can think of.

Friday, Today,
Well so far we studied this morning and went to breakfast.  Elder Baer has a cold…After breakfast we did some service.  We cleaned toilets to day.  Oh we also climbed the walls, that was fun.  And now it is almost personal work out time.  Elder Baer just wants to sleep.  So, my personal work out is going to be push-ups, sit-ups and resistance workout (if you can get one for me that would be awesome)

Well last night, some English speaking sisters wants us to bear our testimonies in Chinese, so we did.  We then asked to hear theirs and now they want to teach us a practice lesson.  Everyone here is so willing to learn and practice, it is amazing!

Well, I am going to go.  At this time I am in bed and it is almost lights out.  Here is the rest of the day after Elder Baer slept while I worked out.  I got the mail before language study.  I got 2 letters! Woot woot.  Then I started character study and SYL.  Then Lunch.  We had class and then dinner and then class again.  And now I am here.  Well tomorrow I have my first TRC.  That will be exciting.  TRC is like investigators or members come and we get to practice teach them. Or really teach them.  We are going to teach them about praying before you search the scriptures and about anything else that they ask.  Well, I am going to write another letter.  I will send this tomorrow.

Elder Fletcher