Monday, September 2, 2013

8th Letter from the MTC


Ok I just sent a hand written letter describing this last week.  I am very happy that I got your email though because I really wanted to email you guys too. 

I am sorry to hear that Abbi dropped Chinese; it is a really amazing language! I enjoy speaking it! But you got to do what you got to do!  Let me know when Abbi gets asked to Homecoming and by whom and how.  Abbi has as a pretty hard schedule. I know she can do it she is a smart girl!

 I am sorry the peach tree broke will it be ok for next year??

 Oh Liby???? NO!!! I love Liby! That is too bad to hear, I feel bad for Brandon’s mom that her dog Liby died.  Tell Brandon’s mom, I am sorry and tell her to tell Brando that I am sorry.  Actually I will tell Brando.  He emailed me today!

Oh the rain! We got caught in a rain storm on our way back from the Marriot center Tuesday.  It was crazy and fun and then we had a district testimony meeting that was neat.

I am sorry the flowers at the house are dying, because of lack of water.  Does that mean the weeds die too? Haha

So, our cat Carmen is putting up a fight? Does the other cat look bad too?

I heard that BYU was losing 10-7.  I was super sad.  Brother Averret, the 2nd counselor in the branch presidency, said that it isn't worldly if it is BYU, so I am ok getting the football scores.

You know how I said I had more times? Well I don't anymore. Elder Baer and I were just called as Zone Leaders. We both feel the pressure of handling 7 districts now so we are a little worried about the stress. Our branch president is confident that our strength as a companionship will be able to overcome anything as we put our trust in the Lord. We are confident that we can turn it over to the Lord when we need to.

We were able to really have the spirit with us as we taught Yan Di Xiong and it was an amazing experience to see him realize there is a God and that we can talk to him.

I really like that quote from Thomas Edison, that you gave me, I wrote it down in my quote journal. 

So, I sent a big letter home.  I hope you guys get it! I have to go! Love you guys so much!

Love Elder Derek Fletcher