Monday, September 16, 2013

14th letter from the MTC Sept 16th

Yes another week has past! Yep! Singapore, here I come! Almost! You asked about my goals that I'm working on, but I have so many so which goal did you mean? Sorry? So the language is coming!  No, I haven't messed it up again.  I have it memorized pretty well now.  So that won't happen again! Ya I don't think he would like that very much, but I bet he understands!   Oh, that is funny that Carmen would play with the papers as you are writing.  Tell her "Hi" for me.  Oscar does like to talk to everyone.  He really goes down and barks at Dad.  Maybe he does miss the boys coming over.  He is a weirdo!
It sounds like canning is going good though! I'm sorry we keep losing branches.  Don't wish the cold on me yet!  Wait like 3 weeks OK!!  Water aerobics sounds good!  I miss swimming!
Tell Abbi to just pound flash cards 24/7 and all will be OK! :)   Oh I'm glad her color guard is going good!  Ya I don't really pull any other pranks.
Our new teacher is Brother Johnson so Jin laoshi!  Basically he is the best!  What is going on with the luggage? What essential stuff should I have?  I'll go buy a phone card!  If  Ulu wants to come over he is more then welcome.  I would love to talk to him.  Good thing Weber is winning and BYU is playing Utah this week at BYU oh that will be nuts!!  We actually know where we can go to watch the scoreboard of the game so that will be a little tempting!
Love you guys too!!
OK so my week!
The older districts left, so now we are the oldest.  Well they gave us a bunch of cool gifts.  They gave us the scrolls, Nerf guns and "The Spray Bottle".  They go spray the tree every morning with Cream Soda so it smells like Cream Soda! ha ha!  I always wondered why it was the Cream Soda tree!
Oh we got Elder Delicana this week!  His visa didn't come, so he is with us till he gets his reassignment.  He is from the Philippines, he is Elder Simmons companion.
Elder Delicana stole my camera
Today I learned missionary work isn't about teaching it is about being their friend.  I have a present and I'll be sending it home.  But it's for ULU! :)
Elder Baer and I set the record for most times called up to the front desk in 24 hours.  We don't enjoy that every much!  We have been going around during free time to find some secret places we can study in peace!  I love it!
Forgot to write in journal
Dad did you get my card!!?  I sent you one and has Elysa gotten hers??
We have 2 weeks left as Zone Leaders!! wot wot!! ha ha I'm so excited for Singapore!
I have been really wondering if our Mission President sends us letters in the MTC, because everyone else has gotten one.  He like tells them what he expects they learn in the MTC.
Elder Baer and I taught priesthood because our Branch Presidency had meetings.  We taught about Baptism.  Everyone said such nice things to us about it!
"I really liked your lesson today in priesthood.  It really changed how I think I could teach baptism to help my investigator" -Elder Simmons
"Wait what do we even learn in priesthood usually?" - Elder Murray
"Exactly" Elder Simmons
Then later that night we watched The Testaments! in Chinese.  I was able to understand basically the whole movie!
Oh and you need to watch Ephraim's Rescue!
Well I got to go!
Love you guys,
Elder Fletcher

P.S. Xiong Zhong Lao (Elder Baer) is exaggerating in his blog this week about my love for BYU football!