Friday, September 13, 2013

13th Letter from MTC Sept 13

Dear Mom,                                                                Sept 13, 2013

My week has taken a turn for the worse as of yesterday.  Things are a little harder.  My body doesn't want to work like I want it too.  But no worries the Lord is with me and I shall not fear!

It really is amazing what one bodies can do when we are determined!  Honestly that's the only reason I could run at State!  I have always been proud that you, because you push through all the pain that you have on a daily basis.

I sent Dad a card for his birthday hopefully he will get it.  And did Elysa ever get her card?  I never did hear?

Oh ya I have heard of the cell phone thing.  But I haven't thought much of it. And my phone card has a lot of minutes I think!  The last group had a 7 hour layover in L.A.?  That is long. Does that mean I probably will have one too?

I love you too MOM!  Thanks for the letters.  It's amazing how much Satan tries to fight the progression of the gospel.  I love the Lord and will always try to make Him happy with trying my best everyday!

Oh do we have resistant bands? I would love those!  That is about it! You guys have had me prepared so thank you!  Oh and there is a book out there that talks about how Jesus teaches and it is written by Rammson, I want to read it after my mission!

Love your son,
Elder Fletcher