Monday, September 9, 2013

12th letter from MTC – September 9, 2013

Hi there family,
I love Neil L Maxwell.  He came to talk to us this week.  He really cares for everyone! The storm that came through while he was talking had such bad lightning, they wouldn't let us leave.  So he walked around and shook tons of Elders and Sisters hands!  The drinks are an MTC secret! Just kidding it is just a bunch of different juices!
Yes the Lord does have a plan for my mission, but He just hasn't told me yet. Richard G. Scott said "If the Lord doesn't tell you what to do, that means he trusts you to do the right thing."
As I learned over this past week if you turn yourself to the Lord and say "Lord I will do my best, but can you cover the rest?" He will help you!  He has helped me learn to love my new teacher and my old teachers and certain Elders and the Gym people that send us back inside cause it is raining!
I have just turned my trials to the Lord and said if I can't handle a situtation Heavenly Father will you help me? It has work all this week!
OK so my responsibilities as one of the zone leaders.... are well just make sure no one kills anyone else! ha ha! Really I just plan sacrament meetings and take new elders around and just check up on everyone!
Planning, many times as I present a plan to the Lord I get a bad feeling so I change stuff till it feels right.  By doing that I really feel like the Lord is guiding me! He really is helping me! I know I can't teach these people any thing! But I know that the Lord can work though me when He needs to and I feel that everyday!
I really like that quote from Spencer W. Kimball!  I just wrote it down in my journal!
Oh that sounds like so much fun! Tell Abbi good luck!! I'll be cheering for her!  Tell her I love her!
Oh good did you read Elysa and Spencer my letter!? oh that is cool did they get anything that Elysa liked? oh and she emailed me today! Did you get my letter about Brando? and Peaches... I miss those!!!
OK my 2 new teachers...
Well bai lao shi is leaving on Wed. so we will get jing lao shi.  I'm so excited he is super nice!  But bai lao shi was super strict its kinda crazy he is the one that got mad at me for the picture of the phone! And Jiang lao shi is great!  She just barely got home from her mission and she has so many good stories it is really wonderful! They both served in Taiwan!
Love your son,
Elder Fletcher

ps. Oh and thanks for the info mom!! ya I am still waiting to get my travel plans so I can decide on the suitcase!  ya it sounds like I'll be OK though! Thank you guys i Love you!! and yes please send the BYU report every week! WE COULD HEAR THE GAME!! I was so sad!!!! is the BYU and Utah Game and BYU??? Can you send me a list of all the Home games??? :) Love you Guys!!!

pss. OK funny things of the week!!
the other district left their door open and somebody stole their mattress! and their room got silly stringed. Oh and we got a Nerf Bball hoop for our room!!
OK so I have gained 12 lbs since entering the MTC. So they kicked us out of playing pai qiu because it was sprinkling! oh and 7-11 in Singapore is just 7! I took the role of mo and investigator and Elders Murray, Simmons, Clarkson are teaching wo! Oh and this week i also messed up the first vision... I said I saw a flying pig instead of a pillar of light... yep... oops! We watched Johny Lingo this week! oh and Phone call!! well that's all the fun stuff I can think of! well Love you Guys!!