Sunday, September 8, 2013

11th letter from MTC – September 3, 2013

Well, OK!  How was your week?  Here is mine:

On Tuesday we have a speaker come speak to us.  This week was Neil L Anderson.  Here are some quotes:
  1. “Be bold in what you say and believe.”
  2. “What do you love?”
  3. “How much do you love God?’
When you answer these questions take the work “I” and put it away for awhile!

So at breakfast, lunch and dinner we have cool drink making contest.  I’ll send you some pictures.

Today I have been praying all day for the Lord to tell me what I need to do with my mission.  I what to know how I can best accomplish His will.  I haven’t gotten an answer yet.

Well, Bi Lao Shi leaves this Thursday and I’m really sad because he is like my inspiration.  He didn’t know any Chinese and now he is fluent!  He really has helped me a lot with the language.

Today Bi Lao Shi left.  He is going to school a lot more and going into pre-med.  He was a friend!  He pulled me aside today and talked to me!  We talked about praying and planning.  He helped me understand what I was missing.  He really showed me that even though he was my language teacher, he was really a friend!  Every night I talk with God about what I did and what my plans are.  It helps me make better plans for the future!

Well today was interesting.  We taught 2 brand new investigators with no prep.  It was interesting to see how the spirit prepared us throughout the day with what was needed to say and do!  We decided to strive for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.

Qi deo thought:
“Be perfect at what you can be perfect at.”  Rick Corbridge
Planning, rules, praying
Do you want to change and follow the rules?  Because you want to please God.  If you come unto God, He will make weak thinks strong.
TRC we taught a sister who served a mission in New York.  Also a Brother & Sister who served in Australia and Washington D.C. North.  That was really good.  We taught them to have a notebook with them while they pray.  They all agreed to keep the commitment.  Then we got 2 new teachers Jiang lao shi & Bai lau shi.  Well they both seem nice and knowledgeable.  I hope we can learn a lot from them.  So I have my purpose in Chinese memorized.  Also the First Vision almost memorized!  Working on D & C 4 and finishing the First Vision.

Elder Baer and I were called as Zone Leaders today.  He feels really good about our companionship!  We will stay Zone Leaders until we leave for Singapore.  We are in charge of 7 districts!  I have no idea what to think or do.  Well the Lord has said “I have shaped the back of these I call so they may bare burdens.”  I take great satisfactory in that quote!  Well I have to start working on greater love for everyone in our district.

Well, I’m going to email you a little tomorrow.  This would be a long email.

I know this church is true!  I know the Lord loves us individually.  I know he wants the best for each of us.  As we give Him everything He will make us in to what he needs us to be!  I love the Lord.  I love Joseph Smith!  I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God!  I say this in the name o our beloved redeemer Yesu Jidu Amen.

Wo ai ni men,
I love you guys,
Elder Fletcher
Qiu Zhhang lao

There are symbols that he has written above the Chinese.  But I just can figure them out right now.  Have to look up in the Chinese dictionary during the week.