Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In Singapore

Dear Family,
Love you guys so much! This week has been crazy trying to get everything going. We came into our new area in Singapore. We basically have the south east of Singapore. Ya it is pretty big area! We have a third of the island, and apparently this is a pretty permanent change from the sounds of it. I will be here for a while. As for the illness, I have no idea why it isn't getting better, maybe because I have been so stressed.
Thank you so much for the blessing Dad. I feel a lot better about the challenge in front of me.
While walking home last night, we started a conversation with a girl who was out walking. We hope she gives us a call today. She was crying when we saw her, it was so sad. We couldn't really talk to her much, because it was getting dark and it would have been really weird. So we just asked if she needed help, and asked if she wanted us to walk with her because it wasn't safe outside. She said no, so we let her be and gave her our card.
Well there is a lot of senior couples here. It would be cool if the guy you met at Lava over the weekend knew one of them.
I have recently learned that my Mandarin is not so good, so lots more practicing for me!!:)
My new companion is a lot of fun. He helps me speak Chinese like a ton. I am getting better. We are going to do great together. He is a native and he is Chinese so he has been showing me some cool things about health that I didn't know before. I am showing him how to build muscle and he is showing me how to be healthy haha. He has me drinking warm water yum :) He is great and I love him already. He is from Ipoh.
Thanks for letting me know about Kyle coming to Singapore. I will have to look him up.
I am looking forward to talking to you on Mother’s day. It is crazy, after this mother's day I will only have 2 more times of skyping you before my mission is over. It is like half of my mission is over..
well I love you guys so much! I am doing great! Just getting settled in!!:)

My new companion is behind the bowl with the camera.