Monday, April 7, 2014

Out 8 months


Sorry for not emailing you at the usual time, we went to a trampoline park before emailing.  So how is it going? How are you guys feeling? I am doing better.  I feel tons better!

We haven’t seen conference yet.  It will be so much fun to hear from the prophets.  We found a new investigator and are doing great things.  I set a goal to talk to 200 people this week.  I am already working at achieving it. :)

Regarding you hosting a Chinese Student. You should have them email me. It will help my Chinese.

What did you have for dinner with Ulu? How was it?  Is he excited to go on his mission? What language will he be speaking?  What is he feeling like? I am jealous you get to go talk to Ulu.  I would love to speak Chinese with him again.  What?  He ate my fish?  That is ridiculous!  Hey by the way, I just bought you a gift.  You will like it, but you will have to wait for a while to get it though.

Can you believe that I just hit 8 months on my mission? 1/3 of my mission is over.... ahhhh! crazy time!  It is going by way to fast, I want it to slow down.

I just talked to a guy from China.  He is 19 years old and is making $10,000 a month as a business consultant for a English business here.  It is so cool! He said that he has a couple friends that want to learn about Christianity.  So, we are working on that.  He told me that my Chinese is better then his English and that I could do the job he is doing better then he could.  haha!

That is cool that Abbi is quilting.  Well something just came to me.  I have 1 year and 4 months left and....when I hit my year mark... Aug 7.... I will be one of the oldest Chinese speaking missionaries in the mission.  5 of the 13 Chinese speaking Elders go home in the next 4 months... ahhhh...crazy stuff!

Ya, I am doing great!  My companion Elder Liew is doing great.  I am trying to be Captian Moroni to this kid.  I am trying to inspire him to talk to people.  I have to lead by example.

So a cool story: I saw these 2 Buddhist monks and I went and talk to them.  I was like (this is all in Chinese)
Me “Hey whats up? Do you speak Chinese?”
Them “Yes I do, do you speak Chinese?,
Me “Yes we speak Chinese, where are you from?”
Them “We are from China?
Me “Are you Buddhist?”
Them “Yes”
Me “Cool, I teach people about Jesus, lets meet on Wednesday at 7 and we will talk more about this.”
Them “Ok can”.
Us “This is my number what is yours?”
Them “This is our number.”
Us “Cool, alright bye.”  hahaha it is was cool!!

it is really cool what the Lord can do with you if you will just show that you love him and make that first step of faith!

well i love you guys so much!  and