Monday, March 24, 2014

Ups and Downs

Hello Family!
Well this week has been full of ups and downs. We flew so high coming into this week with some of the best and funest times we have had on our missions ever. We are teaching in unity and are doing everything we can to bring about miracles and blessings.

But, I got sick.

Despite that, we went out, and taught some amazing lessons but on Thursday all our plans fell through. Despite our goal being to never knock on doors, the spirit told us to knock on this one. The people in the house came out and were super pumped to learn. Too bad they only spoke Malay. So, we had to pass them off.

We continued to put our faith in the Lord and his plans for us. Friday started the same as Thursday with all our plans falling through. But we decided to re-try meeting up with our favorite investigator. We had an appointment with him earlier, but he didn’t answer his door. This time he opened it, he was about to push us away when the thought came into my head to ask him if we could just sing a song with him. He said “yes” and let us right in. It was insane and then about 10 minutes later we put him on date to be baptized on may 17. Hurrah!
After that we started seeing miracles all over the place it was crazy. 

We are now teaching a less active return missionary's daughter. She is 11, and has the strongest desire that I have ever seen for truth. She is Vietnamese and doesn't understand English very well or Chinese at all. We are teaching her in super simple English and having her read a Vietnamese Book of Mormon with us. We have appointments all this week and are super busy. I love this work! It has been so much fun!!

Love you guys so much!!
Elder Fletcher

So I went to go see the doctor again this week. The infection hasn’t gone away yet. The doctors want me to take this medicine for the next 6 weeks. They said it will take a while to take affect. President Mains didn't tell me that he talked with you guys about it. He really does care about me and wants the best for me. I am open with him. He said to give him a call this coming Sunday if the pain is not gone and he will send me to Singapore to get it looked at during zone conference.

On a happier note:)  This week has been great. One of our investigators stepped on a nail at the start of the week. He didn't tell us till Thursday, when we were on splits with the APs. His foot was huge and swollen. We were very concerned that he had Tetanus and that he didn’t have the money to go to the hospital. The next day we went to their house with a member. We offered a blessing to him after teaching him about the priesthood and he accepted. As we gave the blessing in Chinese the words coming out of my mouth were not mine. I told him that he would be completely healed. Additionally, I don't even remember what I said in the blessing, Elder Wadsworth told me what I said after we left. When we came back the next day to see how he was doing, his foot had almost no swelling and he felt no pain. So cool! We also had them pick the date they would be baptized. They chose April 26.

We also met up with our 11 year old investigator this week. We helped her dad teach her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was awesome! She reads her scriptures and says her prays!! so cool! We offered a soft baptismal commitment and She said that she wanted to be baptized. Then her and her dad picked a date together to work towards. April 26 is their date. So cool! This week was just awesome.

This week I also got the opportunity to translate for Elder Larry Y. Wilson who is a member of the 70. 

Elder Wilson is the Boss! After the meeting he personally thanked me and then told me that he loves Chinese. I taught him how to say a few simple things in Chinese and then he practiced them with the Branch President. We laughed together about his pronunciation and then he gave me a "back rub" and then told me to never forget Chinese in my life, because I will be able to use it through out my life to build friendships for the church in China.

Despite being sick and having a rough start. We started the week with only 1 person committed to baptism and now we have 8. This work is awesome!

Love your son,
Elder Fletcher

Update: Derek notified us that he will be transferred to Singapore on Tuesday. He assured us that it wasn’t because he was sick. He is going to train a new missionary. The missionary is a native from Ipoh, Malaysia. Derek is very excited! He is also is frustrated for having to leave Miri. He truly has fallen in love of the people in Miri.