Monday, January 20, 2014

Birthday letter home

Birthday letter home
Jan 19th, 2014

Advice to serve a mission:
I know that serving a mission has helped me out so much.  I was never a spiritual giant, before my mission, but I feel the Lords present more in my life every day.  If you have a remote desire, do it!  I won’t lie to you, a mission is one of the hardest things I have ever done.  It is harder then hitting people on the football field, harder then the sprint work outs for track, and harder then getting a concussion and not being able to play football my senior year and harder than tearing my hamstrings and not being able to place at state, despite knowing I could.   But I know it is so worth it!  The change you will see in people’s lives is something I wouldn't trade…ever!  I love being out here helping people remember Jesus! I love the Savior and I need him every day.  I can't do this work alone but that is the great thing about being a missionary I have been called and I am set a part to have the Lords help in this work.

Miracles of the Week:
Miri Chinese Elders: Elder Mitchell and Elder Fletcher
These Elders had an investigator who was having a hard time praying. Consequently, he was not progressing. They decided to read 1 Nephi Chapter 1 with him just as Elder and Sister Wilson taught. When they read the verse that told the story of Lehi receiving the answer to his prayer in a vision, the investigator interrupted and told them that this story was "incredible". He explained that previously he had not known if God would answer a sinner’s prayer, but now he understands that even though he is a sinner, God will answer his prayers. This investigator has been praying ever since and is now progressing toward his baptism.

“President Ezra Taft Benson said that missionaries “need to show how [the Book of Mormon] answers the great questions of the soul.” Preach My Gospel, pg.107

This week has been great!
Tuesday: we had dinner with a family in the branch and shared a nice message with them.  Later that night, when we arrived at our investigators house for our appointment,  we found him was sad...I love him so much and want the best for him!

Wednesday: We went and visited all of those whom have difficulty coming to church on a consistent basis and they all said they didn't have time for us.   We went knocking on doors for a little bit, said good bye to other missionaries and went to teach English class.

Thursday was our weekly planning meeting and went to go see a member of the branch and his mom.  We taught about the Book of Mormon but his mom wasn't interested any more.

Friday: We went to go see another investigator and he wasn't home.  We helped a member of the branch prepare their lesson plans for church, went knocking on doors and visiting less active families, and nobody wanted us to visit.  We had dinner and rechecked on our investigator and he still wasn’t home.

Saturday: We went out to the Miri town area to visit a lady that we called, she was really happy to meet us.  Her sister is a member in KL right now.  Despite really wanting to meet us, she told us that she is super busy with work and can’t focus on God.  We passed her off to the other Chinese Elders to work with.

Sunday: We went to church and then after, we practiced singing “Chai Shen Dao” for Chinese New Year.  It is really hard... but I think I have it down now.   We went home and then headed up to a member house and taught a lesson. By the end of the night, the member’s husband, who is a non member, prayed for the first time in his life.  About 10:30 that night I got a call from President Mains to wish me a happy birthday.

And this was a great week!

Speaking about people whom have chosen to go on a mission:
I am very excited that Jessica Harrison is completing her papers…Tell her to go Chinese speaking to Singapore, we need more Chinese speakers!

Heavenly father loves us so much.  It is amazing to feel the love he has for the people here.  I love that God really does know and love us individually.  I pray for each and everyone here in Malaysia. 

Elder Fletcher

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