Monday, February 3, 2014

Chinese New Year

Jan 27th,


 Oh wow looks like you guys are doing great.  I am so happy to see what you guys have been up to.   I had a dream last night all in Chinese.  I was explaining to these little kids how to play a game called stone.  It was really funny.  I think I will try it in real life and see how it works. 

This week has been super interesting.  This next week looks like it will be the same.  So, it is almost Chinese New Year.  Because of this, people are not interested with our message.  We have had trouble setting things up.  Although, the interesting thing is they all want us to come over and eat food.  But they don't want us to share a message.  Haha, we will anyways. 

Well this has been my week we taught our favorite investigator the message of the restoration.  He was really excited and said that he would read the book of Mormon and when he knows it is true, he will tell us that he wants to be baptized.  We are going to go over the word of wisdom with him when he gets back from Kuching.  He really needs it!    The Lord and the Holy Ghost will help him accept it.

This week we also got a little sick with sinus colds.  It has rained everyday none stop since Monday and so.....we get wet, then get cold and then we get sick.  We also bought a cake (for his birthday we assume) this week and ate it all gone.  Then we Timtam slammed, This is how you do it.  Bite off a corner of the top and a corner of the bottom of the Timtam.  Hold the Timtam in your mouth and dip the other end of it in the Milo and use it like a straw to suck up the Milo.  As you do this the Timtam starts dissolving.  The goal is to flip your head back and drop the Timtam into your mouth without dropping it into the Milo.  Oh and you can't use your hands. 

The APs came up this week, and that was cool!  We also moved our couch from the living room up to our study room.  It is now the inspiration loveseat.  We have put it to good use planning and such.  From the sounds of it, the next transfer  is on Feb 20.  This is one week earlier than expected, because president Mains is traveling. haha oh boy!!

Yes Dad, I actually refer to myself as Elder Fletcher in my head.  Ya, it is weird!  haha Derek just sounds funny!

Well, I love you guys so much! Oh and I want to start conditioning for the Iron Man so if you could send me some of the times and distances and orders and stuff that would be much appreciated.  love you guys so much!

 Elder Fletcher

Family “Did you get your package?”

Derek “yes I did!! it is so great!! haha i love it we have been playing with all the bouncy balls and poppers and wall climbers and everything!!! haha it was great!! it still is great!! thank you!!  I gave a popper to our security guard!! :) i did like the card!!

Proverbs 23:7 for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.


Feb 2

Hey you guys. 
This week has been super crazy.  It has been Chinese New Year all week which means that nobody wants to meet and talk about the Gospel, but they all want us to come over and eat food.  I have biked further this week then I ever have before my mission; visiting everybody and eating food.  Biking on a full stomach doesn't always feel very good.  Chinese New Year night was crazy loud, I couldn't sleep.  If you thought there were a lot of fire works in America you are wrong.  Everyone on our street was lighting off firecrackers and big fireworks in the sky that were super loud, so we didn't sleep.  It was a crazy night.  And to top things off, our investigator went home to Kuching for the holiday. 

 Today, I am on splits with elder Kong.  He is so funny.  He is a big native and he makes jokes all the time.  This morning we had to go help set up for the Chinese new year party this Saturday, so i am a little late getting this email off. 

How are you all doing, it sounds like you all are really busy. Oh I found out that Makayla is going to Canada on her mission.  Tell Lexi that she will do great in Taiwan and that the language will come and not to get frustrated.  Her Chinese was way better then mine in high school, so she has more of a head start then I did.  If Kyle does more to Singapore, I am going to have to hunt him down to help us out.

well love you guys!!

Elder Fletcher