Monday, January 13, 2014

2nd week in Jan

Jan 12, 2014
We are going to the crocodile farm today in just like 2 seconds. I love you guys so much!!  Thank you for your amazing example!! I don't know about transfers yet, that is supposed to come about 2 in the afternoon but it is going to be big.   I love you guys.  My week has been great!! Singapore was amazing.  I loved it!  I have some pictures to send you guys.  Hopefully, I can later today.  Love you so much.   Wow! Dad has a better bike then me. Haha.  I am hoping to sell my bike to a new missionary coming in, so that way I can buy a better one.  Maybe.  Ok well I will write you in a little bit after I return from the Crocodile farm.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.  Haha.  I am so excited!  I can't wait!  A sister in the branch made us a cake this last week and alot of the members want to celebrate my birthday, but I might be leaving with transfers.  I will for sure let you know.  Love you guys.   Tell dad he has a super nice bike and I will have to get one when I get back so I can go biking with him.   However, I might be a little fat when I get back! hehe

For exercise I usually clean the house or work on my biceps and triceps or pecks or forearms.  I can't make my legs tired because I bike everywhere.  On occasion we run over to the shop lots and buy some butter pau's.  They are so good! :)   I won't be fat unless I serve in KL or Singapore. They don't bike there.   Well I am going to go so love you so much!! Thank you for your amazing example.

(After the Crocodile farm)
Well transfer news isn't in yet... They said they will call the zone leaders then send out an email but we haven't heard anything yet.  That means it is most likely a huge transfer. Woot woot!  It is a high possibility that I might stay here but who knows, it is still kind of crazy so we will have to see!

So anyways, the crocodile farm was pretty cool.  I feed a crocodile today,  that was fun.  I also got some really good pictures.  I am excited to share them with you.  So basically I am doing great in Miri and Miri is doing great!  We had 29 at sacrament meeting yesterday.  The highest in a while, we also have been teaching a man (Call him Sam) I Love him to death.   He has such a hard life and really wants to repent.  He has showed so many steps to progressing with life already and he really wants to change.  Every time we go over he thanks us and says that we are welcome anytime because he needs our help.   It is so exciting seeing him change.  The first night we met with him, my comp and I were a little sketched by him but I really have grow to love him.  I am so excited this week, we want to give him a baptismal date.  I am praying that he will accept it.

We spent alot of time in Singapore this week and saw some really amazing things.  We walked underneath the big hotel that was being built to get to the big mechanical trees. 

I met Elder Wilson (the second counselor in the Asia Area Presidency).  That was cool!  Elder Mitchell had a personal interview with him.   They didn’t interview everyone, it was just random.  Singapore airport has a butter fly garden that was cool, I have some pictures!! We learned alot about how to use the Book of Mormon more Effectively!!

I am sending you all post cards! oh and I found Elysa’s package.  The reason it didn't get to you guys is because I forgot to put USA on it... so they sent it back to the mission office... so sorry about that... I will get it sent out this week... and I will put USA on it!  All these pictures I am talking about I will be sending next week.  I forgot my card reader again.

Transfer news

Well I am staying with Elder Mitchell for the next 6 weeks in Miri. Elder Chan and Elder Kong stay the same.  Elder Wayment is going to Kuching as the zone leader, Elder Chirstensen is staying and being DL and Elder Griffen is coming in and Elder Schuetz and Elder Tan are staying here and Sister Anderson is training and Sister Trottier will be with Sister Taylor and Sister Caballa is going home and Sister Ballyntyne is going home! So yep!! crazy!

Well I love you guys so much!!
Love Elder Derek Fletcher