Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas from Miri

Dec 15th
I am going to go buy a web cam today. And since I don’t have a cord to charge my camera, I will buy one of those as well.  Thanks mom and dad, I am looking forward to Skypeing you on Christmas.

We have been working really hard in getting people back to church, but people are being stubborn.  It is so confusing that they don’t come to church, but they love for us to come to their houses.  Yesterday we had a Christmas party and it was a huge success we had so many people come.  The missionaries sung a song with santa i hope i can get a copy of it!!  We then played with the kids and shared a spiritual thought.  It was really great and there was TONS of food.  It was crazy!!

This week we are going to kuching for friday and Saturday. In order for me to Skype,  I will have to buy a web cam.  Do I have permission?   At the internet kadi there is a ton a swearing but it is all in chinese so i don't think you will understand alot of it so is that ok?? oh that would be so cool to get letters!! Adam Poll wrote me did you get it!! oh and i sent Elysa’s present and a bunch of letters I hope they get there! Let me know about that!! oh it sounds like the quilting business is taking off! good for you!!! Wow you guys sound like your doing so good!! love you all!!! Merrry Christmas!

Dec 23rd
Kuching was great.   I was able to purchase a web cam and a new camera.  Thanks mom and dad!  I was able to get the extra Christmas package as well.  YA!!!!! i love the Books and the Stickers!! and the Thoughts!! and Everything thank you thank you thankyou thankyou!!! it was so good!!!!!  I look forward to talking to you on Christmas.

Dec 25th.
From Dad- We were able to have a nice video conversation with Derek through Skype.  He looks very good!  We talked with him on our Christmas eve, which was his Christmas day. He and his companion ended up taking a taxi to the internet cafĂ© due to bike trouble.  We talked for about an hour.  He was smiling from ear to ear and so were we.  I think we all needed it.  He has grown up and is serving well.