Sunday, December 15, 2013

I got my Christmas Package

My week has gone pretty good!! I look forward to buying for my secret Santa person at home.  They should get a pretty nice gift, because that limit I can buy something really nice!  Yes I did eat a lot of pie when I was at home.  So I guess next year you won't have to buy that many.

I have tried to get with the family that said they would make the gingerbread house with me, but they keep cancelling.  So I may not get it done!  Sorry!
I have to take two showers a day over here because we sweat so much.  But it doesn't help.  Plus we never dry out.  I have tried using powder that should help with this, but it hasn't work so far.
That is funny about Oscar it sounds like he has a girlfriend!! 

We got 2 new Chinese Elders.  Elder Kong and Elder Chan.  Because of the work we have done.  And Miri is getting a 3rd branch which will be the Chinese branch.  The elders will help get the members to understand that there are several people like themselves that belong to the church.  Also help in setting up the priesthood within the branch.
I love my Christmas package.  It was fun to get all the decorations.  I am loving all the dental supplies.  Are you trying to tell me something?  ha-ha I know those are just the small things that could fit in the envelopes.  ha-ha  The bouncy balls have been really fun to throw at my companion! ha-ha just kidding!
Hey, Sky wrote me this week!  That was such a great surprise!  It totally made my week!  Will you call him and tell him thank you!
Elder Fletcher