Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving at Pizza Hut!

Well, I am just going to be emailing you guys today, because I don't have much time!  We went to Batu Niah Caves today.  I hope you have looked them up.  They are super cool.
I took all the pictures you wanted me to this week!  Then guess what happened!!  The Lord is trying my faith.  I lost my camera case and cord at the caves.  So I will for sure buy a card reader this next week!!  It was amazing.  Oh, my car sickness is starting to come back, but I was good just felt really sick!!
Well I do think that is a normal holiday at the Fletcher house! :) jjk Mom I love you!! ha-ha  Because we don't have a senior couple up here we went to Pizza Hut for Thanksgiving!  It was really good!
Well training is good.  We are getting a lot done.  We just found out today that 2 more Chinese elders are coming to help us out!! ha-ha ya ya ya!!!!! Elder Kong and Elder Chan.  They are natives!!  Elder Mitchell knows Elder Kong and says he is a really cool guy!!
Well this week we have had a lot of disappointing things happen, but we moved forward with faith.  We saw the miracles by the end of the week!!
Well I am super sweaty and gross!  But I'm having a lot of fun!!  I will for sure get those pictures to you guys!!
hmm something interesting over here they don't say the word siwang or death in Chinese.  They just take their pointer finger and curl it!!
I am looking at your pictures of the gingerbread houses now!! They look good.  I haven't started my house yet.  I am doing a family night with a family in our group (soon to be a branch) and we are going to make them!!!:)
Ok and as for the Christmas Skype! Well last Christmas they had a senior couple up here.  Everybody went to their house to Skype.  Well this year we don't have a senior couple.  And the internet kadi's here are not exactly family friendly.  So everyone in our district are thinking they will just call home.  But there is another option and that is if a member offers their computer for us to use.  We only have one member that would have the ability to do that. We are really good friends with they, but we also have a rule that we aren't suppose to use members computers.   We could probably get it approved if they offered, but we can't ask them.  So it is up in the air right now.

Some of the languages that I'm learning besides Mandarin are Hokkien (from the Han area of China), Hakka (from Taiwan), Cantonese (from Hong Kong), Malay (from Malaysia), Iban (from the Brunei), and some more.  So I guess you could call me Mr. Language! :)
Have a great week!  I will try to send those pictures next week!
Elder Fletcher