Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm flying to Singapore!

Derek left Tuesday afternoon for Singapore.  He has a long day of travel ahead.

local time
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Leave SLC
Arrive LA
Leave LA
Arrive HK
Leave HK
Arrive SP
This was the last letter he sent:
Dear Family,
Was a good day.  We got a lot done!  Well I had my luggage issue.  But that finally got figured out, so that was nice.
This week I really have felt the love we receive when we obey the rules!  I have gone to bed and gotten up on time every day this week.  I have felt less tired, happier and all around better.  I love these feelings.  So I'm going to still do my best everyday to keep these rules!
       "Be perfect at what you can be perfect at!"  Coach Corb
I also got tons of candy today and my Ipod!  Thank you Dad and Mom for my Christmas present the speaker is great!  I love it!  Everyone loved the Baklava.  They said Thank You!
OK, so my Chinese is still not perfect.  My teacher told me when I pray I'm saying "we thank thee giving us no things".  When I should be saying "all that I have"  I'm trying some of the words get mixed up.  Practice make perfect right.
In field orientation was great.  We learned tons of information about being a missionary.  They got us all pumped up.  We are so excited to go out into the field.
I forgot to write in my journal this day.  So much going on.  I know I am packing to get my suitcases under weight.  But I forgot if there was anything major to tell you about.
Today was Conference.  I learned a ton about working with members!  I am just, so excited to get out to the field!  We are going to have a great 21 1/2 months out there!  Conference was definitely a spiritual feast.
Such a wonderful experience with conference.  Now we have heard the words of God.  It is now our responsibility to act on these words.  We must convert ourselves to Christ.  We all need to turn outward in service.  I will do my best.  I know with the Lord I can do anything.  He is on my right side and my left.  And go before me and prepare the way.  With him I cannot fail.  I will make my brother proud.
Thank you so much for your thoughts mom!  I love you!  And it was an amazing conference session!  Sorry to hear about the dog!  Hopefully it gets worked out and the dog will stay in its own yard.  I miss it there.  Your quilt sounds really cool, you always make it work!  I like the new idea you have for the business!  I know Grandpa would be proud of you!  I know he loves you very much!  And has always been there to help you when you're in trouble!  I think back on Pres. Uchtdorf's talk at Priesthood Session.  It was amazing!  You should watch it!  I love you Mom!  I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow.  Keep working hard!  "You can do it Now"
Elder Fletcher

I sent something home for Ulu!  I bought a thermometer.  I'm all packed and underweight
49.4, 47.5 and 14.5.  I haven't gotten the sheets yet, but I have the watch, so at least that will make it to Singapore!
Love ya,

Dad and Mom stayed awake much of Wednesday night, because we didn't get this email below like they thought they would around 11:00 pm.  We finally received it at 2:30 am Thursday morning.  It sounds like he had a long time traveling, but he is very eager to get to work.  We should get our first letter Monday morning early.  We don't know where he is going within his mission right now.  Hopefully he won't forget to tell us!  This is what we got at 2:30 am Thursday:

Love you guys!  Singapore I'm here!! :)  I made it and have been doing good on the train ride to the mission offices.  Our goal was to place a Book of Mormon, neither the assistants or us complete this goal.  But I did place a pass along card!  Although my Chinese was not very good and broken, I was still able to communicate!  The assistants complimented me on using so much Chinese the first day! They said they didn't know of any other missionary that talked with that kind of confidence the first day!  They also told the president! :)  Well I love you guys.  Thank you for preparing me!  See you around Christmas!  Love you guys!  :)

Pres. Mains and Sister Mains with Derek at the Singapore airport