Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1st letter from Miri, Maylaysia

Oh that sounds like a lot of fun!!  You guys sounds busy!!  Abbi be careful!  You are still young!  Ok so I don't have a picture of my comp yet, but I do have a little bit!  I am serving in Miri, East Malaysia!  It is kind of crazy!  We are the only Chinese speaking Elders in this whole area.  The whole city is ours!  Most people don't speak English or Chinese, but there are some!  We teach the English and Chinese lessons. 
I have my first lesson with Christian Kou tonight.  He is investigating different Christian churches.  We are going to teach him the restoration.  Hopefully he will see the difference between our church and others.  We have been knocking the past 2 days and all we have been able to hand out is a pamphlet.  Nobody wants to talk to us.  We have been praying  for members to help us out.  We only have 20 Chinese and English members.  We are planning on doing service for them and hopefully that will open their hearts to our message.  I have been studying about Ammon recently and relating it to Miri.  I am trying to figure out how the spirit wants this work to go in Miri.  We will have to see how this works.
We are actually eating out more then we eat in.  I don't have to cook very much!  The reason why is it is cheaper to eat out then buy groceries here!  The food is fantastic.  I love it!  We are actually going to eat roti canai.  It is fried bread with kari you dip it in too!!  It is so good!!  It is 1 riggot for a thing of bread and that is about 33 cents.!! ha ha!!
Most areas we have to go into are rundown with tin roofs with garbage everywhere!  It is crazy! It is insanely humid here.  I sweat just sitting here!  It looks like there might be no way to stop the yellowing of the shirts, but we will see!
I have a nice Sunday shirt, but that is about it!  Well we have our first lesson in 2 weeks tonight!  Our phone ran out of minutes so hopefully we are able to get some on there by the end of the day!  I have a bike right now that was left, but it has one gear and it always falls off of it.  Elder Conner is leaving in like a month, and I will buy his bike for 600 riggot that is about 200 American.  It is a really nice bike!  Hopefully I can sell it when I leave this area!
I have to go email my president.  I'll send you the pictures that I do have!  I'll take more this week! My companion is Elder Mitchell!  We are going to a Crocodile Farm to day!  It'll be really cool.
We live in one of the nicer areas in Miri!!   I'll take more pictures.  I have been super tired.  Our bed time is at 11 instead of 1030  But I was in bed at 10 ready to sleep! Ha Ha!!

Elder Fletcher

None of his pictures made it through this week!