Monday, October 21, 2013

2nd Letter from Miri, Mayalsia

This is how Derek's letter came in this week.  Keep in mind it is 10:30 Sunday night.  Shawn has gone to bed and I have take my medicine that knocks me out:  How do you login to Dropbox?  New email:  Are you guys there?  New email:  What is the login for the Dropbox? 
New email I guess he felt he needed to write something:  Sounds like you guys are super busy!! ha-ha That sounds like a lot of fun for Abbi though!!  Dad good job!!  Keep working hard.  Sorry I can't help my arms don't reach that far!  ha-ha  Mom I think your quilts are amazing!!  Ok well I am going to see if I can get this picture thing working.  It is amazing here.  I love it!!  Yes I bought a bike!  I don't get it till Wed!  It is a really good bike and I got it for a steal, cause it was a missionary's who is going home this week and he just put all new parts on it!  A new bike here is about 1100 rm so that is about $325.  I got a great bike for a steal!!!  Hold on a minute!!
New email:  So I made a new one.  I uploaded my letter and pictures to it.  I hope that it works.

This Shar, I woke up for some reason, but it was to late.  He was getting off.  This was the last part I got from him.  I tried to get something from him, but this is what came back:
I wrote my letters in picture form this week and they should have loaded... if they didn't I"m sorry.  I don't have a lot of time I have to go bye... I spent all my time figuring out this picture thing and you guys weren't responding..

So I go to check both Dropbox accounts.  And nothing has uploaded.  I hope that he can work on this a little bit through the week.  I also hope he does not throw the letters he has written.  Even if he has taken pictures of them.  This has been a very hard two weeks not knowing what he is doing or how everything is going.  I know he loves it there.  He works hard.  He puts his heart into everything and never gives up to a challenge.  Give him the biggest mountain and he will climb it.  Give him the hottest desert to cross and he would do that.  This is what is Father in Heaven has asked him to do so he will do it.

I guess we will be staying up late next Sunday night.