Friday, October 4, 2013

16th Letter from the MTC - Sept 30th

No I haven't gotten trunkie yet.  But I have condensed all my stuff into one bag, my carry one and my personal bag.  I'm so scared, but excited all at the same time!
Well, that's good that Abbi has done well in her classes.  Tell Abbi to keep up the good work and I'll be waiting for her letter!  I am also excited for the packages and Ulu's letter!  I will be sending home a package and maybe a suit case depending on this email we get from the Mission home.  Honestly I have been able to work it all out I'm just waiting for your packages.  Then I will decide on the stuff to sending home that i have picked up at the MTC.  No worries I will try to find room for this stuff you are sending me tomorrow, I will make it work!  You guys are great thank you!  If you could sent me the carry on and personal bag restrictions for my airlines that would be great thanks!
I'm sorry to hear about the dog problem!  I would say just go kick that dog! kai wan shao! In Chinese! How are our dogs and Carmen?  The dog hasn't hurt them?
Oh that's good about the quilt!  What are your plans for making over the business?
Oh Grace was a really great friend!  I miss her making fun of me and my jeep! Is she going to write me?  Oh who has been asking about me? Tell them all "HI" and they should write!  Well I mean I know that I was a lady slayer back in the day!
How are Grandma and Grandpa Fletcher doing?  I miss them!  I haven't heard from them.  I thought about them today at the temple.
It is going to be really different writing letters over in Singapore.  We will have to figure that out when I get over there!
I'll send home my weekly email in a minute!
Love your son,
Elder Fletcher
We had Skye TRC which was fun we talked to a native from Taiwan!  We committed her to pray with her husband!  That was cool!!  Dai Zhanglao (Elder Delicana) leaves tonight!!  Kinda sad he really became a good from in the 2 weeks he was with us!!  He is going to Rancho coucoumuanga California because he was having visa troubles!!That was cool!
We had a good lesson today on what missionaries we want to be when be reach the end of our missions.  We set are goals!  We will see how that turns out in 2 years!  We had our last devotional in the Marriott center this week!!  The next one will be in like June!!  We had a lesson on street contacting.  Now I am really excited to go!!  5 hour layovers here I come!!
We had a lesson on loving your investigators today.  Which I thought was interesting!! Because we really don't think to much that it might be hard to love someone!  But just think about it!  Think of someone you can't stand.  Think of someone that just scares you.  Think of someone that has hurt you.  How can you love them?
Well first we start by realizing who they actually are.  They are a Son or Daughter of Our Heavenly Father.  They are your Brother or your Sister.
Now think with me for a second, how much does God love you?
Well guess what He loves them that same amount.   Because we are all His children! He wants the best for you always.  He wants the same for them.  When you think you can't stand someone just remember they are a child of God.
As missionaries we have been call to Preach His Gospel to everyone.  Not to just those we are comfortable with.  God loves each of His children.  All this leads in to some events I will talk about later in the week.
We got our travel plans today!!  Crazy I know!!  Today our lesson was on talking to everyone!!  We all heard a talk this past week about finding the people in the house with the red sign.  That means find everyone.   Something really interesting is, stories from converts that were ready to hear our message but missionaries walked the other way, because they were to busy to stop and talk to a child of God.
Today we learned that we should talk to everyone and meet everyone.  Forget about numbers but get to know people!  Elder Bednar said it himself "If you come up to me on your missions and say Elder Bednar we taught 14 lessons this week! I will say I Don't Care.  But what I do care about are those 14 people those 14 homes those 14 families who are they?  What do they like?  What are their challenges?"
Got a package of cookies today!  But I didn't know who they were from, so I had Elder Simmons eat one first! ;)  But they were really good!! So I have had a couple experiences where I have had to act out a word because I couldn't think of it in zhongwen or yingwen!  That's not good!!  Ha ha oh and apparently in Chinese culture somebody calling you fat and zitty is a compliment.  It is how they show they care about you.
Today I got my Chinese name!! Qiu which you guys already knew, but my first name is Shan4 Qin2 which Shan4 means righteousness and good deed like with service and it has a hint of humility in there.  Qin2 means hardworking with a hint of never giving up.  Ha Ha.  Our district wrote down our traits on a post it and our teachers did too.  Then Jin Laoshi pick out names with the help of He laoshi a native from China!
Great Devotional today!! Bore my testimony in Chinese during fast and testimony meeting! Well that was about it!! Ha Ha!! It was super relaxing!! Which was nice!!
Welll i love you guys!! wo ai nimen!!
you xinxin you banfa.
Elder Fletcher