Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Baptism - Transfer to Kuching

July 20th

So my Chinese is starting to be better then my English... is that a problem? I can’t read traditional Chinese very well but my simplified Chinese is improving.   I am starting to listen to Chinese church music. It is the best.   It is so much fun!! We are having a blast! So I have been thinking that I want to live in China for a while and work there. Maybe. 

I lost my card reader last week.  I am not sure it might have fallen out of my bag or I left it plugged into the computer last week... oops!! 

This is what happened this week!
1. Elder Wang and I have had almost every conversation in Chinese.
2. Elder Wang and I got 2 new investigators Sunny (Ramona's Friend) and Shelly ( A referral from President Clark (The mission president before President Mains) ) so a little scary!
3. Ramona Finally finished her big test
4 we had so many dinner appointments with members
5 we went knock... found 1 person at the very end of the night... it was the best feeling EVER! 
6 we took tons of pictures
7 we went with our ward on an adventure in pulau ubin.
8 a member gave me a sweet suit! 
9. my Chinese is getting loads better
10. my personal study was amazing Romans 5 is my new favorite chapter! so before my year mark i want to have read completely the Book of Mormon for the 3 time the D&C the POGP and the new testament! right now i have finish the Book of Mormon and the POGP i am in section 133 and 2 corth. so i am working hard to finish them! but I have really started to learn to set better goals!

July 27th
I am glad that you guys are doing well.   I am glad you guys enjoyed your time with the Chinese students they seem really good.  Lack of communication is a big thing! Or the language barrier! I have been trying to break that down my whole mission I don't want a language barrier between the people I am serving and me! 

Well this week has been great! We are really trying to set goals and go out and get them done! This week our house has been really trying to live all the rules in the white hand book! Also we have been trying to work as hard as we can! It is great! We have been finding so many new people and so many new opportunities!

Well some great news Ramona has been thinking about moving her baptismal date up and this week she brought her dad to church and she is going to bring both her mom and dad next week! Her dad is working here but her mom came in from china yesterday night. Her mom will be here for about a month so that is really cool! Also the Yang family is doing really good we just have started teaching them and they came to church yesterday! It was great! We went to a buffet of Chinese food and it was really spicy food! It was probably the spiciest food I have had my whole mission but it was really good!
Well that is about it from this side of the world!

Elder Fletcher

Aug 3rd
Something that I have learned on my mission is that my mission will never be Easy because the Lord loves me and wants me to grow.  In Romans 19:5 it says; for as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.  This is talking about Adam and Jesus!  Because of Jesus’ example we can all be saved!  Something that I have been focusing on this last little bit is "Because of Him" I want to make sure everything I do on my mission and throughout my life is because of him!  

This last week has been the hardest week I have ever had on my mission but it has been the best week I have ever had on my mission. The work here has picked up dramatically we are teaching so many people. Our days are extremely busy and it is hard to find time to take a break and just breathe. I'm not really sure how I have time to write you this email.  I just wanted to let you know that Heavenly Father really does love you and knows what you are going through! :) I know that sometimes missions have some unexpected changes and some trails but is all for your good! D&C 121-124 talks a lot about that and has always helped me out when I am in a rough spot! Just be patient and trust the Lord is at the helm he knows what is going on! I love going to the top of the skyscrapers here in Singapore and looking out over the city because it gives me just a glimpse of how God sees us! And I know that he is watching us just like a father would watch a new born baby!:) 

Love your Son Elder Fletcher

Aug 10th,
Thanks for the recording; I loved hearing everyone’s voices! That sounds like a fantastic day! (He is speaking about the day his sister and husband were sealed in the temple)  I am so happy that you guys all have been working so hard so that you can be worthy to go to the temple! you guys are all amazing examples of Jesus Christ.  thank you for all that you are doing and for the wonderful and amazing opportunities that you are taking advantage of!

Well this week has been absolutely superb. we have been working really hard and doing are best. Ramona was baptized on Friday and received the Holy Ghost on Sunday at church it was such a neat experience! After her baptism she bore on of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard! It was amazing! Elder Wang and I worked very hard to make everything go just right! Well that was such a great feeling! her mom also loved seeing it very much and has expressed to be baptized as well but she has to go back to china next week... but then she said that she wants Ramona to go to BYU and then she will come visit her there and can get baptized in America so that is pretty cool!

We also celebrated National day! It is basically Singapore’s birthday! We Were able to find a less active named Xiao ai and now we are like best friends with her now so that is great.  We are working to get her to come back to church and start participating more!!

Well we really have been seeing a lot of miracles happen in Singapore and so we are really excited our ward is really getting behind us and supporting us! Every week we go to like 2 or 3 different member’s houses and have dinner and can bring investigators it is such a great help! We also have ward missionaries called and they all are so excited to help us work! It really has been a great week! 

Transfer News:

Singapore exploded because Heavenly Father saw the effort we put in and now I have to go do it all over again..... ha-ha ok well I got this! This is the second time i have to whitewash train.... I just got transferred.... to Kuching.... I’m training again...

Go to go,
Elder Fletcher

Aug 17th
Well my companions name is Elder Pierce and he is a stud he loves to speak Chinese so that is good! He is doing very well adjusting haha.  He has lots of questions.  We have a lot of different places to go here in Kuching and it is pretty cool! and a lot of people are very friendly and willing to listen to us!! We are whitewashing and it is pretty crazy trying to find everyone and everything... 

I am not sure what happen my eye is infected with some sort of Asia virus that is different then pink eye I’m not sure exactly what it is but it just knocked me out like I have no energy and it put a cloud over my eye so I can't see out of it... but it is getting better with the medication so that is good!

By the way, the Chinese elders are few, but we are doubling by December.

Well love you guys so much! Keep up the good work!